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Extreme Home Makeover: S06E06

The Hill Family

Dream it, Build it, Make it Happen

Mahoney Design and Build, Inc., of Canastota, NY, along with over 3,000 volunteers from Central New York oversaw and implemented an intense one-week build that changed the life of a deserving family, from Geneva, New York. The build was completed during the month of August 2008 and aired on Sunday, May 24th at 8 p.m..

In one weeks time a brand new home and professional boxing ring was built for the Hill family in Geneva, New York.  Mahoney Design and Build, Inc. along with many partner businesses from Central New York donated the materials, expertise and labor to make a dream come true.  Thousands of volunteers from Central New York came out to help in the effort, working around the clock, till the family arrived home.  “There was a tremendous outpouring of generosity and kindness in our community, so many organizations and people came together for a good cause.  It was truly inspiring and invigorating for everyone who witnessed the build.  It has greatly inspired me to do more to help those less fortunate.” said Tim Mahoney, owner of Mahoney Design and Build, Inc.  For a list of the many partners from Central New York who donated to the project, as well as hundreds of pictures of the build go to


Tim Hill was an aspiring boxer whose boxing dreams were shattered when he broke his back while working on a construction site. For over 10 years, Tim has been training kids from the ages of 8 to 21 to box for free, and pays all the expenses out of his pocket.  The kids are from broken and impoverished homes and Tim gives them a sense of pride and expert training that has made 3 Olympic hopefuls.  Tim and his wife were raising their family in a 200 year-old farm house that was showing its age.  Imagine their shock and excitement when they arrive home to find…….well watch the episode and see what Central New Yorker’s can accomplish together.


Mahoney Design and Build offers design expertise, construction management, and general contracting services. The Mahoney team is committed to excellence and quality in construction and pride themselves on building long-term relationships with their clients. Tim Mahoney, who personally works with each client on their new home, addition, or commercial project, has owned and operated the company for over 35 years.

old home remodel

The Home: Before

Over 150 years old, the Hill Family was in need of an upgrade. The home had leaks, mold, slanted floors and a shaky foundation that made living there unsafe. The house also had a backyard with a shed that was on the verge of collapsing. 

This didn't stop the Hill family from making a difference. The money that they could have put into the house went into funding the Geneva Boxing Team, a free after school clinic devoted to teaching kids how to stay off the street and learn how to box. 

extreme home makeover home
ty pennington extreme home makeover

Meet The Hill Family


Tim Hill was an aspiring boxer whose boxing dreams were shattered when he broke his back while working on a construction site. Unable to box anymore, Tim went back to college for a degree in social work and afterwards worked as a counselor for high school kids. It was during this time that he was inspired to start the Geneva Boxing Team. For over 10 years, Tim has been training kids from the ages of 8 to 21 to box for free, and pays all expenses out of his pocket. Many of the kids are from broken and impoverished homes and Tim gives them a sense of pride and expert training that has made 3 Olympic hopefuls. Tim was awarded custody of one of these hopefuls, Aleem Whitfield, who came from a family with 23 children. In addition to Aleem, Tim and Michelle have 3 children of their own that they are raising in a 150-year-old house showing its age. Mahoney Design and Build and Ty and his designers granted the Hill's dream of tearing down their old home and building a small boxing gym to help more kids in need.

While Ty and the designers, local builder Mahoney Design & Build, Inc., and hundreds of volunteers and workers are rebuilding their home, the Hill family was sent on a vacation to Hilton Cancun Golf & Spa Resort.

The celebrity design team for the episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will feature team leader Ty Pennington and designers Michael Moloney, Ed Sanders, John Littlefield, and Didiayer Snyder.

The location address is: The Hill Family, 148 William St. Geneva, New York 14456.

ty pennington and tim mahoney

Meet The Builder

"I was extremely honored to be given a chance to help improve the lives of one very deserving family in our Upstate, New York region. I decided to be involved in this project because, very simply, God has blessed me and my family in many ways, I am thankful for the opportunity to give back in some small way. I have been amazed at the kindness and generosity that exists in our community from our suppliers, subcontractors, corporate sponsors and volunteers. This has and continues to be an exciting and life changing experience for all of us that have come together to help one special family."

Timothy Mahoney, President

(Pictured Second to right with Ty Pennington)

extreme home makeover geneva hill family edition

Our Amazing Volunteers

Mahoney Design and Build called on the Central New York community and they ANSWERED! Over 3,500 volunteers came out to support the build and more than 10,000 spectators came and went throughout the week. We worked around the clock and delivered an amazing product, one that will continue to give to the community for years to come. Every volunteer, old or young, skilled or unskilled, whether there all week or for a few hours, went into making the Hill's dream a reality. 

We truly appreciate everyone's wonderful, giving spirit. Our hope and prayer is that you will continue to put it to good use in improving the lives of the people around you.

God Bless You!

The Mahoney Design and Build Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Team

extreme home makeover geneva

The Hills New Home

The new home is a testament to the Central New York community and local businesses. Boasting some of the latest and greatest building materials of it's time, the Hill Family's new home is built to last. Some of the features of the home are as follows...

- 3,500 sq. feet of living space

- 2,500 sq. ft. boxing rink complete with training and workout equipment

- State of the art heating and cooling forced air system 

-10 ft. deep swimming pool and backyard patio with hand crafted masonry fireplace

- Open floor plan design 

- 3 story center stairway

-Sustainable water and energy efficiency solutions

-Heated floors

- LED lighbulbs 

-Energy efficient appliances

The Build In Pictures:

This project was a labor of love by all involved - family, friends, neighbors, partners, volunteers, donors, locations people, cast and crew, production, security, caterers, public safety and medical personnel, sponsors and more - every person who touched this project in some way. These pictures show the transformation of a home undertaken for and by a truly special group of people.

What the pictures don't show is the personal transformation that each of us experienced as a result of participating in this great project.

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